I lead a multi-disciplinary team that delivers autism diagnostic assessments; psychology assessments; speech & language assessments; occupational therapy assessments; and physiotherapy assessments.

Since 2011 we have provided assessment services to individuals & families; HSE organisations including Assessment of Need (AON), Primary Care Psychology and Tusla; and charities such as Irish Autism Action.

Below I describe the assessment process, the tools we use, our reports & prices. If you have questions or just don't know where to start, please chat with us.

Assessments <nobr><small>for individuals and families</small></nobr>

An assessment involves lots of different activities to stimulate the child while we observe their abilities. Assessment can be quite tiring, so we break often, have lots of treats, and try to make it fun.

The assessment tools that we use are clinically recognized. They provide standardised scores understood by teachers, HSE therapists, and other professionals working with your child.

Afterwards you will receive a written report describing: your child's strengths and needs; assessment details; scores; and recommendations. This provides essential information to help you decide the best course of action for your child.

We will take time to talk through our findings in detail with you. Then we'll answer any questions you may have and recommend what action to take next. If you wish, we will discuss the findings with your child's teachers, HSE, and other healthcare providers.

For busy parents, we're happy to perform the assessment at your home or child's school. If possible a parent should attend, but we can work around this if it would be difficult.

Autism Diagnostic Assessment

We provide best-practice autism diagnostic assessments for both children and adults. The assessment is multi-disciplinary, carried out by a clinical psychologist and a speech & language therapist.

We have expertise in assessing complex and contentious cases; and those where the traditional routes of assessment cause difficulty. This includes: women & girls with autistic spectrum conditions; adolescents and adults with co-morbid presentations; and children with complex developmental history or backgrounds.

We use the clinically recognized ADOS-2, ADI-R and 3Di tools. For a private assessment to be accepted by the HSE, they require the use of the ADOS-2 tool. We'll also obtain information from your child's educational placement and other professionals working with your child.

We provide feedback on the day of the assessment. We then follow up with a comprehensive written report, accepted by the HSE, that includes practical recommendations.

Whether we diagnose autism or not, we will guide you on your next steps.

Autism Diagnostic Assessment €950

Psychology Assessments

Standard Assessment

A psychology assessment is a formal evaluation, using standardized best-practice tools, of cognitive skills; adaptive functioning; and behaviour. Cognitive skills assessed include verbal and non-verbal skills, memory, and processing speed. The results of the assessment will show your child's strengths, needs, and recommendations on how to support their learning.

The duration of the assessment varies depending on the age of the child and how they progress through the activities.

Attainment Assessment

This includes the evaluations of the standard assessment and adds an assessment of attainment to determine whether the individual has a specific learning disability such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Standard Psychology Assessment €550
Attainment Psychology Assessment €700

Speech & Language Assessments

Full Speech & Language

If you want a full understanding and peace of mind about your child's abilities and needs, we recommend a full assessment. We test your child's play skills; comprehension; expressive skills; pronunciation of speech sounds; and phonological awareness. If appropriate, we will also evaluate your child's pragmatics and sensory needs. This assessment lasts approximately two hours.


A speech-only assessment identifies difficulties in pronunciation and understanding of sounds. This assessment take at most one hour.

Full Speech & Language Assessment €280
Speech-Only Assessment €120

Occupational Therapy Assessment

We start by sending out a questionnaire to understand the concerns about your child's fine and gross motor skills, and sensory processing. Based on this we decide which areas need investigation and the assessment tools to use.

Occupational Therapy Assessment €400 to €500

Physiotherapy Assessment

A Physiotherapy assessment investigates whether there are underlying physical causes for motor difficulties.

Physiotherapy Assessment €240
Assessment Services <nobr><small>for organisations</small></nobr>

Our clinician-led assessment and intervention service comprises psychologists, speech & language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Services are available to both children and adults across Ireland.

Our Approach

Our multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively, sharing information and discussing each case, to reach consensus conclusions. As part of our clinical governance we review assessment reports to ensure consistency and clarity for each individual case. We are responsive to the requirements of our clients, and sensitive to the needs of individuals and their families during the assessment process.

Our reports are comprehensive: as well as standardised scores and interpretation we include practical recommendations to bridge the gap between assessment and accessing services.

If needed, we can take care of the entire case lifecycle - contact; booking of appointments; DNA handling; and post-assessment questions from families and other professionals.

Our team is accustomed to working with translators where needed.

Case Studies

AON - Full Population

Since 2013, we've provided AON assessments for seventy individuals a month in an urban, multi-ethnic area with some socially deprived or vulnerable families. We cover the full population: the majority of individuals require psychology, speech & language and occupational therapy assessments; some also require physiotherapy assessments or autism diagnostic assessments.

Due to the size and nature of the work we have daily contact with our client to report progress and discuss cases of concern. We handle day-to-day coordination of assessments and bookings ourselves.

We pride ourselves on our effectiveness, sensitivity, and ability to help families make sense of their child's needs.

AON - Complex Cases

Since March 2014 we've provided AON assessments for about twenty complex individuals a month for a HSE client who performs the majority of AON assessments in house. The individuals typically require psychology, speech & language; occupational and autism-diagnostic assessments.

Our client requires a high degree of differential diagnosis due to the complex presentation and multiple needs of the individuals. For this contract, our workflow integrates the client's existing governance process.

By working in this way, the client benefits from our specialism in autism diagnosis, while each individual is accurately assessed so that they can be referred to the appropriate services.

Primary Care Psychology

We provide support to a primary care service in a rural area. The work comes in bursts of thirty individuals at a time to be completed within two months for resource deadlines. Individuals typically require psychology and autism-diagnostic assessments.

The client uses us to ameliorate staff shortages caused by maternity leave and structural difficulties. By doing so, each individual is assessed within the deadline, which ensures they have an opportunity to access resources.

What to do next

We have a proven track record and are able to provide references from existing clients.

The first step is to talk with us to determine what you require, and then we'll go from there.