School Services

It is important that teaching staff can access specialist services to aid them in supporting the diverse needs of learners in their classes.

As the requirements of every school differ, I am happy to meet with you to discuss what we could offer. Together we can tailor a package of the following services —

On-Site Assessment

We can provide psychology assessments; autism diagnostic assessments; speech & language assessments; occupational therapy assessments; and physiotherapy assessments. Our Assessment pages describes each assessment in detail.

The assessment tools we use are well-known, and provide standardised scores understood by teachers, HSE therapists, and other professionals working with the student.

Each assessment report contains: standard percentile scores; recommendations for further action; and suggestions of suitable resources. After assessment, we will take time to talk through the findings in detail with you; and answer any questions you may have.

On-Site Therapy Sessions

We can deliver individual and group sessions that assist students to achieve their therapy goals.

Therapy Programs

I design tailored therapy programs that can be delivered by school staff to meet each student's specific therapy goals. As well as the program, I deliver supporting resources and training for staff.

Autism Consultancy

I can advise on modifying the classroom and curriculum to meet the needs of autistic students.

On site training days / sessions

I have wide experience of training, and can deliver a course tailored to your school's needs.