I have trained and presented to parents and professionals on topics such as: modifying the curriculum for students with language difficulties; improving the communication of individuals with autism; and working with individuals who are non-verbal.

  • training in johannesburg
    Workshop in Johannesburg
  • training in goa
    Training in Goa
  • training in goa
    Training in Goa
2010—2011. Guest Lecturer, University of Limerick

I've twice delivered a one-day introduction to autism, for final-year masters students of speech & language therapy.

2009—2010. Training, Trinidad & Tobago.

A variety of training courses for parents and professionals, including: an introduction to autism; picture exchange; and structured teaching for individuals with autism.

I was funded by the Republic Bank of Trinidad & Tobago for eight weeks to train local volunteers to facilitate social communication groups for children with autism who had no other access to therapy.

2009. Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A one-day workshop for ninety participants from a wide range of professions, covering practical strategies for working with a wide range of disabilities in both mainstream and special schools.

2009. Training, Windhoek, Namibia.

I trained teachers and professionals from government funded special schools for six weeks. Teachers developed their understanding of the communication needs of their students and learned how to modify the curriculum to address these needs.

2008. Workshop,'Introduction to Autism', Goa, India.

I hosted a two-day workshop for fifty parents and professionals. I introduced strategies to improve their interactions skills for individuals with autism as well as practical methods for developing their communication skills.

2008. Teacher training: An Introduction to Autism, Dehradun, India.

I covered the triad of impairments and the types of intervention appropriate for individuals with autism.

2007—2008. Guest Lectures, Learning Disabilities Masters Degree, University of Birmingham.

I lectured to students about methods for accessing the voices of people with learning disabilities.

2007. Presentation, Dudley South Primary Care Trust, UK.

I presented my doctoral research to speech and language therapists at a district-wide meeting.

2004. Guest Lecture, Special Educational Needs Course for teachers, Telford College, UK.

I lectured on the use of cognitive neuropsychology in speech and language therapy.